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¿Why sell your house with Olisson Real Estate Club?

Because we are a team of arquitects and interior designers who provide an important added value to the commercial management of your property, thanks to our technical background. This helps us sell your house from our characteristic professional viewpoint. 

¿What makes us different from the competition?

Olisson Real Estate Club is a boutique agency whose goal is to fully customize our customer support. We rigorously evaluate possible buyers, studying in depth their profile. We guarantee that our visits to your property are productive. We value your time, as well as ours.

Additionally, our service “My way” also makes us unique. Taking advantage of our expertise in other technical areas, we create remodelling projects to help our potential buyers visualize their ideal house, inside of yours.

¿What is the source of buying costumers?

Apart from the recommendations of our satisfied clients, we invest in tailor-made strategies of online marketing to bring our target client closer to the wide range of properties that we have in our portfolio. Our clients include foreign investors as well as those who are looking for a house as their main residence.

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