OLISSON is a young and dynamic company with experience in real estate intermediation services, with an added value of exclusive and personalized costumer service.

We specialize both in sales and rental of housing, business premises and offices, and we help you find the one that best suits you. We have a variety of different products available and we also work on demand, so our success is guaranteed.

The work-space concept that we manage at OLISSON is highly innovative. Our office is located in the heart of one of Madrid’s most important neighbourhoods, Salamanca. The clients that come here find an open space where they receive a one on one, 100% personalized service, while they can sit comfortably with a refreshment, in a pleasant and welcoming environment. We’ve baptised this concept as “café-style office”.

Our commercial network is fully linked to the management team as well as to the marketing department. We make sure that all parts involved are perfectly trained to comply with the different responsibilities, as individuals and as a team, so that we can bring to fruition projects based on market leadership and at the same time be able to create great opportunities of personal development.

¡Welcome to Olisson!